Marine ROTC Scholarship

Marine ROTC Scholarships

Marine-ROTC-scholarshipThe United States Marine Corps does not have a separate Reserve Officer Training Corp program of its own.  As a result, students interested in attending college on a Marine ROTC Scholarship have to choose the Marine option from the Naval ROTC Program.  This option has been available since 2012 at more than 150 colleges or universities across the United States.

The Marine Option ROTC provides financial assistance as well as tuition reimbursement, fees, books, and other miscellaneous expenses related to costs associated with officer training.  After freshman year students are required to participate in a training cruise conducted by the Navy as well as completing some additional Marine training programs.  After junior year, recruits must complete the 6 week Marine Officer Candidates School at Quantico.  Upon graduation with a Bachelor of the Arts degree and completion of the ROTC program, recruits are commissioned as Marine Corps Second Lieutenants.

Marine ROTC Scholarship Opportunities


Four-Year Scholarship will cover:

  • Full tuition at a ROTC participating college or university
  • All educational fees associated with the school
  • Text book stipend
  • Complete uniforms
  • A total of three summer ROTC cruises
  • An allowance for each academic month


Other Scholarships:

  • Students currently attending a ROTC participating college are university are eligible
  • Program pays for uniforms and fees associated with instruction for naval science courses
  • Students selected for “advance standing” receives a stipend for a maximum 20 months.  These standings are available only for the student’s junior year of college.  Stipends are $350 for a junior and $400 for a senior.
  • Students must complete naval science, standard university, and university specific courses.  There is one summer training session; normally at Quantico, VA for Marine Corps midshipmen.
  • Once accepted, students will attend a six-and-a half week Naval Science Institute program located in Newport, RI during the summer between sophomore and junior years.
  • Upon graduation the students may be commissioned as second lieutenants in the Marine Corps.




THE FREDERICK C. BRANCH LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP Program is named in honor of the first African American Marine Corps officer who was commissioned as a second lieutenant (2ndLt) on 10 November 1945.  This scholarship is available at the 17 Historically Black Colleges and Universities affiliated with ROTC.  The Four-Year program is open to civilians and Marines and the three and two year program is open to civilians and College Program Midshipmen that are attending or have been accepted and will attend a ROTC affiliated HBCU.  This program is not open to U.S. Navy Scholarship Midshipmen or Marines in an Active Reserve status.  Any eligible male or female of any race or ethnic background may be awarded a Frederick C. Branch Scholarship.  Eligibility is determined primarily by attendance at an HBCU.  Scholarships and benefits are the same as those of any ROTC Marine Option Scholarship student.