Navy ROTC Scholarship

Navy ROTC Program Scholarships

The Navy ROTC Scholarship Program is the largest single source of Navy and Marine Corps Officers.  It fills an important need in the maturation of young men and women for leadership roles in the Navy and Marine Corps.

navy-scholarshipNavy ROTC Scholarships Available

Four-year Scholarships Offer

  • Full tuition at a Navy ROTC sponsored college or university.
  • All college educational expenses
  • Text Book stipends
  • All uniforms
  • Allowance each month

o   Freshmen $250

o   Sophomore $300

o   Junior $350

o   Senior $400


Two-year Navy ROTC Scholarships Offer

  • Final two years of college tuition
  • Tuition, fees, textbooks, and uniforms for remaining two years
  • Allowance for a maximum of 20 months


Applicants for these Navy ROTC scholarships must already be attending or been accepted by schools offering the NROTC programs.  Students must complete naval science and other university offered courses.  They must also attend one summer training session.  For Navy students it is at sea, for Marine Corps officers it is at Quantico, Virginia.  Upon graduation two and 4 year College Program midshipmen may be commissioned in the Naval Reserve or in the Marine Corps Reserves.   An obligation of three active years on duty and 5 years in the reserves is required.


Navy Nurse Corps ROTC Program

  • Open to all nursing students interested in pursuing a BS degree in nursing
  • When selected the student must major in a nursing degree program
  • Nursing Navy ROTC Scholarship Program midshipmen upon graduation are commissioned as reserve office in Navy Nurse Corps.


The Tweedale Scholarship

  • 2 scholarships are available each year for Naval Science
  • Program focused on students in a specific technical field
  • Student must carry a 3.0 GPA for at least one academic term
  • Students must have achieved at least a C in all courses attempted
  • One term of college level math or science is mandatory
  • Naval Science Course 101 is to be completed as soon as possible
  • Students must major in one of the following:

o   Engineering

o   Mathematics

o   Computer Science

o   Chemistry

o   Physics


Historically Black College Scholarship Program

There are a minimum number of scholarships available to attend historically Black Colleges.  The following Universities and Colleges offer these scholarships:

  • Florida A&M University
  • Hampton University
  • Morehouse College
  • Norfolk State University
  • Prairie View A&M University
  • Savannah State University
  • Southern University and A&M College